Thieves steal $14.8 million in gold, goods from Toronto airport


(TORONTO) — Authorities are looking for about $14.77 million (20 million Canadian dollars) worth of gold and other high-value goods that were stolen from a holding cargo facility at Toronto Pearson International Airport, according to police.

A “high-value container” was stolen from a holding cargo facility after it was taken off a plane that landed at the airport Monday evening, Peel Regional Police said.

Police said the items were gone within a few hours in what they described as a “very rare” heist.

“Thieves accessed the public side of a warehouse that is leased to a third party, outside of our primary security line. This did not involve access to Toronto Pearson itself and did not pose a threat to passengers or GTAA staff,” the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, which manages the airport, said in a statement Thursday.

Police said there is an ongoing investigation into the heist and they do not know where the gold is or if it is still in Canada, according to Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn. Police believe this is an isolated incident.

Authorities said there was not anything unusual about the handling of the shipment until it disappeared.

“Our goal is to solve this theft,” Duivesteyn said at a press conference, according to Canadian outlet CTV. “We want to solve it. … For the public worried about flying out, there should be no concern. We do not consider this a public safety matter.”

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