Six migrant workers hit in possible intentional vehicular assault, police say


(NEW YORK) — Six people were hit by a car Sunday outside a store in North Carolina in what authorities said they suspected was an intentional assault on a group of migrant workers.

At around 1:17 p.m. local time, an unknown driver of an older model, mid-size, black, sport utilitiy vehicle with a luggage rack, drove the vehicle into six people described as migrant workers, according to the Lincolnton Police. The alleged victims were taken to Atrium Health Lincoln, though none of their injuries appeared life-threatening, police said.

The incident appeared to have been an intentional assault with a vehicle, police said in an announcement Sunday. The driver has been described as an older white male, police said.

Authorities are looking for the public’s help in identifying both the driver and the vehicle. Several security video screengrabs showing the vehicle were posted on the police department’s Facebook page on Sunday.

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