Pennsylvania man accused of killing his mother after drugging her iced tea with fentanyl


(FALL TOWNSHIP, Pa.) — A Pennsylvania man accused of drugging his 72-year-old mother with fentanyl and fatally shooting her has been charged with her death, according to prosecutors.

On Monday, Buck County prosecutors charged 28-year-old Sean Rivera with criminal homicide, kidnapping, aggravated assault and other crimes for the death of Carol J. Clark.

According to officials, police were alerted of a domestic dispute Sunday between two brothers about the location of their mother.

Rivera told his brother, Adam Clark-Valle, who lives in New York, that their mother had died, according to a criminal complaint.

Clark-Valle arrived at the home and was told by Rivera that their mother got sick, died and that she was at a hospital after suffering a heart attack, according to the complaint.

According to police, Clark-Valle checked area hospitals to look for his mother and called police upon returning to the home after Rivera was missing.

An investigation revealed that Rivera and Clark lived together in Fall Township, Pennsylvania.

The Falls Township Police Department issued an alert, asking the public to help them find Clark, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office said.

After getting a warrant to search Clark’s home and vehicle, detectives found two guns, bolt cutters, a padlock, an empty padlock package and a receipt from Home Depot, according to officials.

Prosecutors allege that Rivera put fentanyl inside of his mother’s iced tea on Saturday night, placed Clark inside her vehicle and drove her to a shed in Philadelphia early Sunday morning, where he shot her multiple times and locked her inside using one of the purchased padlocks.

Authorities discovered Clark’s body inside the shed covered in a blue tarp. She was pronounced dead on Monday.

Rivera is being held at Bucks County Correctional Facility without bail, prosecutors said.

Buck County prosecutors have not disclosed a motive.

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