Tom Petty’s family suing auction house over sale of alleged stolen property


Tom Petty’s family is suing a Boston-area auction house that they claim is selling Petty items they believe to be stolen. 

RR Auction recently announced an auction of Petty’s personal property, but the family is asking fans and collectors not to shell out any money until the legal dispute is resolved. The family believes the auction items, which include jackets, hats, vests, autographed memorabilia and other exclusive items, were taken from a secure storage archive. 

“We believe RR Auction, headquartered in Boston, is offering stolen Tom Petty memorabilia with a completely false provenance inaccurate to fact and in complete denial of clear evidence they have been presented,” reads a statement from the family. “They will not disclose the cosigner who has provided these items or how they were acquired. But they are clearly stolen, there is no other word for it.”

They add, “These items have irreplaceable sentimental and educational value for the family and legacy of Tom Petty and we look forward to their safe return.”

The RR Auction site still lists several Petty items, with the sale running through June 22.

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