The B-52s’ Cindy Wilson on the band’s future: “It’s definitely at the end of our career”


The B-52s wrapped what they said would be their farewell tour in January, but they aren’t saying goodbye to performing just yet. The band returns to Las Vegas Friday, May 5, for the first of 10 shows — and according to Cindy Wilson, it may be the last chance to see them live.

Wilson tells USA Today the “clock is ticking” on their performing career, telling fans to “come see us while you can.” She does say, “It’s hard to let go completely, so when something does come up, and as long as everybody wants to do it, we will,” but notes “it’s definitely at the end of our career.”

The Las Vegas shows at the Venetian Theatre are happening throughout May, August and September, and Wilson just can’t wait to see their fans. 

When asked what her favorite thing about performing is, she shared, “It’s the crowd, your audience, and sharing that emotion and happiness in the here and now.”

She added, “Hearing ‘Dance This Mess Around,’ with all this dark stuff going on, it can be so healthy to just shake your booty.”

Regarding that “dark stuff,” Wilson is particularly upset about all the hate being directed toward drag queens these days. “We’ve been around a long time and a lot of drag queens have said we’ve inspired them and they’ve inspired us right back,” she says. “It’s outrageous what is going on with making trans people and drag queens scapegoats. I wouldn’t want to be in the world without drag queens.”

Tickets for The B-52s’ Las Vegas residency are on sale now.

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