Talking Heads pay tribute to the late Seymour Stein


Talking Heads are the latest artists to pay tribute to Sire Records founder Seymour Stein, who passed away Sunday at the age of 80.

“Talking Heads are deeply saddened to learn that Seymour Stein has died. He was our champion. He fought bravely for us and he remained loyal to us until the end,” read a post on the band’s official Instagram page. “Some people can spot a diamond in the rough and Seymour was one of them.”

“Seymour’s life was one of great success and also great tragedy, but through it all he remained crazy about music,” they add. “He was a mensch that we and the music business will never forget.”

Talking Heads’ Chris Frantz also wrote a tribute to Stein for Variety, in which he recalled the story of the first time Stein heard their band, and how he waited a year and a half for them to be ready to record their first record. 

“Seymour was a good match for us,” he shares. “He understood us and accepted our eccentricities. He liked that we were smart and knew about art. Not very many record company guys understood or even cared about Talking Heads at that time, but Seymour believed in us from the beginning and his support never wavered.”

He adds, “He was our champion from the beginning to the end and for that, Seymour, we thank you.”

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