Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Belinda Carlisle wants the same honor for Cyndi Lauper


With one week left to go in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Fan Vote, two icons of ’80s music, George Michael and Cyndi Lauper, are the leading the ballot. Another ’80s music icon who was inducted in 2021, tells ABC Audio that she’d love to see Cyndi get the honor.

Go-Go‘s singer Belinda Carlisle has known Cyndi for a while and worked with her a few years ago. Early in 2023, Belinda and Cyndi were two of five famous female singers who teamed up to sing on “Gonna Be You,” a Diane Warren song from the soundtrack of the movie 80 for Brady.

For her part, Belinda says Cyndi definitely deserves a spot in the Rock Hall.

“Oh, absolutely. I think she’s a one of a kind,” Belinda tells ABC Audio.

“And she has an amazing voice, and she’s done a lot of really good work outside of music,” Belinda adds, referring to Cyndi’s many charitable initiatives. “So I think that she definitely deserves that. And so does Cher, by the way.”

While we wait to find out whether or not Cyndi’s made the cut, Belinda says she hopes that she, Cyndi and the rest of the “Gonna Be You” singers — Gloria EstefanBlondie‘s Debbie Harry and Dolly Parton — will one day be able to team up for a join performance of the track.

“I did my vocals in Mexico City. That’s where I live,” explains Belinda. “Everybody did their part separately in the video and the track. But I’m really hoping that something comes along where we can all sing the song together in the same room.”

Meanwhile, Diane Warren also penned all the songs on Belinda’s upcoming EP Kismet, which is coming out May 5. The first single, “Big Big Love,” is out now.

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