Rick Astley’s non-“Rickrolling” post announces friend’s new album


Rick Astley is “Rickrolling” his fans again, although he’s insisting that’s really not what he’s doing. 

The “Never Gonna Give You Up” singer took to social media to help promote his friend Ricky Montgomery‘s new album, Rick, which drops September 29.

“Hi guys, this is not a ‘Rickroll,"” Astley says in the video posted to Instagram. “Yes it is me, Rick, Astley that is, but this is not a ‘Rickroll’ … this is about an album called Rick by a lovely man, a friend of mine, called Ricky Montgomery.”

He then insisted, “This is not a ‘Rickroll’ … or is it?”

And Montgomery was certainly excited by Astley sharing the news, posting, “It is now music history that Mr. Rickroll himself – Rick Astley – personally did the album announcement for my second album.”

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