On This Day, May 8, 1993: Aerosmith hits number one with ‘Get A Grip’


On This Day, May 8, 1993 …

Aerosmith topped the Billboard 200 Album chart with their 11th studio album, Get A Grip, their first U.S. number one.

The album contained the hit songs “Living On The Edge,” “Crazy,” “Cryin’” and “Amazing,” with the success of the latter three aided by a trio of videos featuring Alicia Silverstone that got regular play on MTV. 

The cover of the album featured a cow with a nipple ring through its udder and the Aerosmith logo branded into it, which was deemed “the worst album cover ever” by one music critic. It also sparked backlash from animal rights groups, although the band insisted the image was produced digitally.

Get A Grip went on to sell over 20 million copies to become the band’s bestselling studio album worldwide.

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