Neil Young to play rarities on upcoming West Coast tour


Back in April Neil Young returned to the stage for the first time since before the pandemic, and now he’s ready to head back on the road. Rolling Stone reports that during a Zoom with Neil Young Archives subscribers, the rocker announced he’ll be hitting the road on a West Coast tour set to kick off in early July.

But fans shouldn’t expect a greatest hits show. Neil explained that the performances will focus on songs he hasn’t actually played live before, suggesting that about 80 percent of the set will be made up of these rarities.

“I don’t want to come back and do the same songs again,” he said. “I’ll feel like I was on some sort of carnival ride. I’d rather be doing these others songs I haven’t done.” He adds, “I won’t have to compare how I’m doing ‘Heart of Gold’ to [how I played it in] 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020.”

Some of the songs Young says he’s rehearsed for the show include “Song X” from Mirror Ball, his 1995 album with Pearl Jam; the 1994 Sleeps With Angels track “Prime of Life”; and “If You Got Love,” an outtake from 1982’s Trans.

He says, “They’re not new songs. They’re old songs. But I wake up with them in my head every morning. They are songs that apply to my life right now, and apply to everyone’s lives in this era that we’re in.”

Details of the tour will be announced Friday, with Young noting it will open with a multiple-night residency in a “tiny, little unknown theater that’s close to one of the most well-known theaters in the world.”

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