Melissa Etheridge’s daughter Bailey on biological father David Crosby: “always a really cool presence in my life”


Bailey Cypheridge is sharing fond memories of her biological father, the late Rock & Roll Hall of Famer David Crosby.

Bailey’s moms are Melissa Etheridge and her ex partner Julie Cypher, and they eventually revealed that Crosby was their sperm donor, something Bailey says she always knew. 

“He was always a really cool presence in my life, even if we never meant to have that kind of parent-child relationship,” she tells People. “He was friends with my parents, he was their donor for me. I thought it was cool growing up, knowing who he was.”

Cypheridge is currently featured on the MTV/Paramount+ series Family Legacy, and she says it gave her some more insight into her family history.

“It’s special that I got to see some footage of him and my mom while I was working on this project,” she says. “It was really special for me to be able to see that and revisit those memories, especially because he passed away earlier this year.”

Crosby passed away in January at age 81, and Cypheridge says, “It’s been tough, missing him, but I think that it was really cool that I got the call, that I got to do this project before that happened.” 

She also shares that she has one very special memento of her family that she keeps in her bedroom: the cover of the Rolling Stone where her moms announced Crosby as her bio dad. “I just think it’s really cool thing to have that,” she says, joking, “I mean, I peaked in ’99. Can’t really top that.”

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