Lionel Richie denies he’s had work done: “That s*** always goes wrong”


After Lionel Richie performed at King Charles‘ coronation concert over the weekend, some fans took to social media to comment on how youthful the 73-year-old Rock & Roll Hall of Famer looked.  While some said he’d likely had some sort of plastic surgery, Lionel says he hasn’t — and he wouldn’t want to, either.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Lionel said having work done means you have to take time off to heal and then if you don’t like it, you’re kinda stuck.  

“‘[It] locks you in for that year [while you recover] – and after that you can’t go [back] naturally, you’re staying right there … You try and go back to reset, and you can’t,” he said. He added, “And, that s*** goes wrong!”

And the other reason Lionel says plastic surgery isn’t for him? “God might not recognize me, so I want to make sure he knows me,” he joked.

So how does the American Idol judge maintain his youthful appearance? The Daily Mail quotes what Lionel said at the Hollywood Beauty Awards recently.

“Water, sleep, and sweat, not too much red meat. I know it’s real boring. [Sex] will work also and it’s good for your heart.”

And that’s advice he seemingly wants to share with his pal the king. Lionel told the BBC that he and Charles, who’s 74, “have a little joke between us.”

“He says, ‘How do you look the way you look and I look the way I look?’” Lionel revealed. “I said, ‘You come to Hollywood and I can help you.’”

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