Elton John promises “special guests” for Glastonbury show, talks “sporadic” future live plans


Elton John‘s final show on British soil comes June 25, when he’ll rock the U.K.’s prestigious Glastonbury Festival for the very first time — and he says it won’t be the same show fans have been seeing during his Farewell tour.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2, Elton said it’s the first time he’s been asked to play the gig, noting, “But it’s just come at the right time … this is the most wonderful way to sign off in Great Britain.”

He then teased, “I’ve built a different set list … it’s gonna be much different. I’ve got guests who — I can’t tell you who they are — but it’s gonna be wonderful. I’m really looking forward to it.”

At Elton’s last U.S. show, which took place at Dodger Stadium, he also had special guests —Kiki Dee, Brandi Carlile and Dua Lipa — but presumably, his Glastonbury guests will be different.

Elton’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which started way back in 2018, will finally come to an end in July in Stockholm, Sweden. When asked by BBC Radio 2’s Scott Mills if he thinks he’ll miss it when it’s all over, Elton laughed, “No way! I do not wanna fly anywhere. I don’t wanna go anywhere. I just wanna be still for a few months, thank you.”  

Elton says after the tour wraps he’ll take a vacation for a few months, then he has no plans. However, he hasn’t ruled out live performances entirely, though they’ll be “sporadic.” 

“I really don’t want to tour again,” Elton, 76, said firmly. “Doing a theater thing for two or three weeks might be appealing, but honestly, that’s in the distant future. I’m not going back to Vegas. If I do anything, it will be here [in England].”

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