Brazilian DJ Alok on Mick Jagger: He’s “never satisfied”


Back in 2020, The Rolling Stones teamed up with Brazilian DJ Alok for a remix of “Living in a Ghost Town,” and Alok said it wasn’t easy getting Mick Jagger to OK the tune.

Alok tells Rolling Stone Jagger had him redo that track 10 times before he was happy with it. Alok even has a recording of a call with the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, in which he expressed his frustration. 

“I answered the call, and I told him, ‘Listen, now I understand why you did this song “I Can Get No Satisfaction” because you’re never satisfied,’” Alok says. “This is my last try with the tenth version.” 

This wasn’t the first time Alok worked with Jagger. In 2017 he remixed Jagger’s solo tune “Gotta Get A Grip,” which apparently took six tries to get right.

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