“Who are we without a homicide?” Hulu drops season 3 trailer to ‘Only Murders in the Building’


On Wednesday, July 26, Hulu debuted the anticipated third-season trailer to Only Murders in the Building.

Picking up the pieces — and the clues — after the Broadway stage death of Paul Rudd‘s actor Ben Gelroy in season 2, Selena Gomez‘s Mabel, Steve Martin‘s Charles and Martin Short‘s Oliver must figure out whodunnit.

“Finding this killer is the only way you’ll have a show,” Mabel tells Oliver, before she’s seen pitching her building-mates about another season of their true-crime podcast. “Who are we without a homicide?” she asks.

As always, the trio needs to narrow down the suspects: Is it Meryl Streep‘s “stinkarooney” actress Loretta Durkin? Or “Maybe it was Kimber (Ashley Park), the TikTok addicted starlet?” Martin’s Charles muses. “Does she do it as part of an Internet mem?” he asks, unknowingly mispronouncing “meme.”

Joining in this season is Jesse Williams, who at dinner asks Mabel what she and her older counterparts talk about. “Murder, mostly,” she deadpans, before adding, “And how to connect to Bluetooth. We talk about that a lot.”

Real-life Broadway stars Matthew Broderick and Tina Fey are also glimpsed in the trailer for what the streamer is calling the “wildest season yet.”

The bodies hit the floor August 8.

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