‘Southern Charm’ star Venita Aspen teases new season, talks summertime skincare routine


It’s still summer, but before long it will be fall, which means a new season of Southern Charm is around the corner and Venita Aspen, one of the stars of the show, tells ABC Audio fans are in for a bumpy ride. 

“I would tell you to put on not one, but two seatbelts,” she teases. “And that’s all I’m going to give you.” 

Although Venita remained pretty tightlipped on the upcoming ninth season of the Bravo show, she didn’t hold anything back when it came to dishing on her summertime skincare routine.

“I keep it very simple. I’m not a 20 step skincare routine, girly, like seven things or less,” she shares. 

“Step one, we cleanse with this purifying gel and then … cleanse again with this gentle cream cleanser,” the model continues. “I don’t do that all the time, but like, I typically do it the morning after wearing a lot of makeup.”

Venita adds that she likes  Clean Skin towels, which are one-use disposables, instead of a washcloth when taking care of her skin. She likes them so much they made it into her top 3 for must-have skin products. The other two? An SPF for your body and your lips. 

“Never leave the house without putting sunscreen on your lips. You can’t put the same SPF that’s on your skin, on your lips,” she explains. “So like chapstick or a lipstick with SPF game changer, like your lip is like the skin barrier is so much thinner compared to your skin. So you just have to put SPF on your lips.”

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