Sophie Thatcher explains her ‘Boogeyman’ playlist and how a haunted hotel room kept movie’s shoot interesting


In The Boogeyman, Sophie Thatcher plays Sadie, a teen mourning her mom, who also has to deal with the titular menace haunting her grieving family.

For the Yellowjackets alumna, key to her character was music: sad music, particularly, and a lot of it. It was compiled into what she shared with director Rob Savage as “Sadie’s Playlist.”

“It was a lot of ambient, [there] was Brian Eno,” she explained to ABC Audio.

“And Harold Budd always makes me feel really sad and nostalgic — specifically the Quicksilver Serpent record.”

She continued, “There was just a lot of any song that made me feel really nostalgic. So there were some, like, Replacements songs because I grew up in The Replacements [era]. There are some Elliott Smith, but I’ll always throw that in any playlists.”

And while she also used different music to decompress after long shooting days, her hotel room in New Orleans didn’t exactly help. “I think the place, the second place that I was staying at was haunted,” she says.

“Because the TV would turn on and off and the music would turn on and off randomly throughout the night. And I dunno if I was bringing The Boogeyman home with me or what.”  

The Boogeyman also stars Air’s Chris Messina, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Vivien Lyra Blair and Ant-Man series veteran David Dastmalchian.

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