Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne explore true friendship in Apple TV+’s ‘Platonic’


Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are JUST FRIENDS in the show Platonic, premiering Wednesday on Apple TV+.

They star as a pair of old friends who reconnect, and chaos ensues. But don’t expect it to be a will they/won’t they type of show, watching it and expecting their characters to hook up.

“We work so hard for that not to happen,” Byrne tells ABC Audio. “We wanted the audience to be relaxed, to let go of that expectation, and just enjoy what was going to happen.”

“It’s not a show about that,” she adds. “It’s a show about a friendship.”

Rogen echoes the same sentiment, stating, “These two people were not romantically interested in one another. Even if her husband had a hard time believing it and my friends had a hard time believing it.”

“And that all feels very real, you know? But we also firmly believe that it is possible and real for a man and woman to have a friendship, you know?”

Even though Byrne and Rogen wanted to steer clear of the expectation that their characters hook up, they did have some fun with the notion. 

“It’s a trope that we’re playing with, obviously,” Bryne explains. “So inspired by a lot of, like, the classic When Harry Met Sally, for instance. But this is not that. This is saying that you can do it.”

“And in the end, the show is about these personalities, this friendship that just can’t sustain because it’s too extreme, you know, high highs and lows,” she continues. “And can they ever just have a more of a, you know, happy medium.”

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