SAG-AFTRA and WGA cancel picket lines due to extreme heat in New York City


While the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes continue to boil, the unions say the summer heat is too hot to handle in New York City.

The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists let its members know that picket lines will be canceled for a second day in a row in New York City on Friday, July 27.

According to a tweet from the union, picketing at various corporate headquarters — including HBO and Amazon on 33rd Street, Paramount at 1515 Broadway, Warner Bros. Discovery and Netflix, elsewhere on Broadway and NBCUniversal at historic Rockefeller Center — were called off for an “Extreme Heat Alert.”

“Stay safe, stay cool, stay #SAGAFTRAstrong,” the union advised.

Similarly, the Writers Guild of America East is canceling its picket lines for Friday and made adjustments to a planned meetup on Thursday morning, in an effort to beat the heat.

As reported back on June 7, the writers union canceled its demonstrations due to poor air quality from the Canadian Wildfire that choked New York City with smoke.

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