Redditors rip into “rich” Megan Fox after she asks followers to donate to GoFundMe for friend’s sick dad


“Charity begins at home,” goes the old adage, which is a far kinder way to put the Internet’s reaction to Megan Fox asking her followers to donate their money to help a friend.

On Tuesday, July 25, Fox pointed her more than 21 million Instagram followers to a GoFundMe set up by her nail technician, Brittany Boyce, for Boyce’s father, who was diagnosed with cancer.

The donation site initially asked for $30,000 for Michael Boyce‘s medical bills, but the goal was subsequently doubled. “If you guys are able to help please do,” Fox pleaded.

However, the reaction to it was probably not what she was expecting.

While the Instagram Story has since disappeared, people weren’t ready to let it go, reposting it to Reddit and giving Fox a piece of their minds. Their issue: She’s rich, and has a reportedly even wealthier fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly.

“Your rich! Cover it!” one Redditor noted. “You could work one day and pay off all of his debts.”

Another snarked, “Celebrities posting gofundmes gives me the ick. I feel like 30k would be chump change to her and MGK.”

One poster noted that the exact amount of money Boyce was initially seeking for her dad, 30 grand, was the reported worth of a diamond-encrusted manicure she gave Machine Gun Kelly for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

“I think it’s a bit gross in a cost of living crisis for big name celebrities to be asking their fans for money,” noted another commenter. Another pointed out that neither Fox nor MGK appear as donors on the charity page, which so far has raised just $7,646 as of Wednesday morning, July 26.

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