It has begun: Netflix unveils paid “extra member” option to stop password sharing


For Netflix freeloaders, the free streaming buffet is coming to a close. On its media site, the streaming giant revealed its long-rumored plan to stop the practice of users sharing their passwords. 

In an email to subscribers, Netflix wrote, “Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with — your household. Everyone living in that household can use Netflix wherever they are — at home, on the go, on holiday — and take advantage of new features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices.”

That said, for people who don’t live under your roof, well, they’re out of luck, unless you’re feeling generous. 

For an extra $7.99 a month, you can add an outside user to your account, the streaming giant says.

A similar policy was launched overseas last year for Netflix’s global users.

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