Gwyneth Paltrow spills the tea about Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt in bed


(NOTE LANGUGE) A slightly hesitant Gwyneth Paltrow spilled the organic chamomile tea regarding her ex lovers Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck, and in the end, both guys scored well in the scoring department.

Paltrow’s interview on Alex Cooper‘s Call Her Daddy podcast dropped on Tuesday, and during a game of “Brad or Ben” the Oscar winner blurted out “Brad” — before realizing a series of questions was coming.

Gwyneth admitted it was “really hard” to suss out who was better in bed.

Affleck, whom she dated between 1997 and 2000, won praise for being “technically excellent” at the act. An embarrassed Paltrow added, “I can’t believe my daughter is listening to this! Am I blushing?”

Pitt, who preceded Ben, hit Gwyneth in the feels.

“Brad was like the sort of major chemistry, love of your life, kind of, at the time,” the 50-year-old said, explaining he was more romantic. Ben made her laugh the most — and was also the one she was more likely to argue with.

Both leading men were also rated good kissers, for the record.

In a subsequent game of “F***, Marry, or Kill,” Pitt scored the “eff,” while Chris Martin earned “marry.” While she wouldn’t “kill” Ben, he made the last slot by default.

Paltrow went on to marry Coldplay‘s Martin in 2003, before consciously uncoupling in 2014; the pair share Apple, 18, and son Moses, 17.

Gwyneth married producer Brad Falchuk in 2018.

Pitt married Jennifer Aniston in 2000, but divorced in 2004; he married Angelina Jolie in 2014, but they divorced in 2019.

After splitting from Jennifer Lopez in 2004, Affleck married Jennifer Garner in 2005, and had three children — daughters Violet, 17, and Seraphina, 14, and 11-year-old son Samuel — before the couple divorced in 2015; he married Lopez in 2022.

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