Brittany Brower adds to Bethenny Frankel’s reality star “reckoning,” claims she wasn’t paid for ‘Next Top Model’


Brittany Brower is joining Bethenny Frankel‘s rallying of reality show veterans, claiming she wasn’t paid a dime for her season 4 appearance on America’s Next Top Model.

Frankel made headlines the week of July 17 with a series of Instagram videos, saying producers are taking advantage of reality stars by not compensating them fairly despite rerunning their shows.

Brower tells the Daily Mail, “People are constantly sending me emails saying they’re watching my season. I’m like great, I’m so glad the show still has a following and it’s still making money, but I get absolutely nothing from it. It’s just such bulls***.”

She claims the contestants on her season were only given money for groceries. At the time, she considered herself fortunate that she lived at home and had parents who helped her make ends meet.

What’s more, she said when her original season was over, she had trouble converting her screen time to modeling fame. “I got some bookings, sure, but I must be honest, some things I wasn’t able to book because I was on Top Model and the designer didn’t want that kind of look.”

Brower says she was paid to return for one of the show’s All Stars sessions — $1,000 an episode.

Brower supported Frankel’s urging reality stars to band together, particularly as networks are relying on reality TV to fill gaps from the SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes. “This is the perfect time to make change happen,” Brower says. “Like, ok, you want us to pick up the brunt of television right now? You want reality stars to be the TV? Well then pay for it.”

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